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English 9

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Mrs. Hosmer



            A. Semesters One Through Mid-Term Examination

1.      Literary Elements

2.      Short Story Unit

3.      To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

4.      Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

5.      Grammar Unit

6.      Poetry Unit

7.      Literary Analysis Essays and Informative Essays

8.      Vocabulary Units



            B. Second Half of the Year

1.      Research Paper

2.      The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet/ or Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

3.      Lord of the Flies by William Golding

4.      Literary Analysis Essays & Listening Skills Essays

5.      Vocabulary Units

6.      Review Sheets




A.     Reading and test schedule are made up monthly and will not change. 

If you are absent, then you will need to make up missed work. 

This includes snow-days and any absences.  Please plan accordingly. 

A grade of zero will be assigned until quiz, tests, and/or homework assignments are made up. 



A.     Class and Individual Notes (notebook)

B.     Teacher Prepared Handouts---- Teacher Prepared Packets for large Units.

C.     Essays

D.    Quizzes & Test



            Daily attendance will be taken.  Students must make up all missed assignments,

quizzes and tests in a prompt time period. 



A.     Quizzes- 20%

B.     Unit Tests- 40%

C.     Homework- 15%

D.    Novel Packets and Essays- 25%


            Students will obey all rules that are printed in the Student Handbook. 

            Please be on time and bring a writing utensil (not red), textbook and notebook to

class everyday. 


I hope everyone has a happy and productive year. 

Please feel free to contact me Periods Two or Seven. 

                                                                                                Mrs. Hosmer



General Areas of Study

1. Literary Elements

2. Plot Charts

3. Story Questions, Plot Charts,

    Vocabulary/Spelling, Unit Tests,

     and Essays


Short Story Unit Writing Goals

1. Sentences—Topic and Complete

2. Essay- Format, Details, and Literary Analysis


Short Stories--Textbook—Prentice Hall Literature—Platinum

1. Hearts and Hands by O’Henry

            Page 58-61 Questions #1-8

2. The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs

            Page 28- 39 Questions #1-7

3. Luck by Mark Twain

            Page 98-104 Questions #1-9

4. By The Waters of Babylon by Stephen Vincent Benet

            Page 146-157 Questions #1-9

5. The Masque of The Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe

            Page 172-179 Questions #1-10

6. The Open Window by Saki

            Page 194-199 Questions #1-9

7. Shaving by Leslie Norris

            Page 110-117 Questions #1-10



Please Write in Complete Sentences and use a Topic Sentence

for ALL homework questions in the packet.  Thank you!

Tuesday            Syllabus, Short Story Packet, Textbook, Notes, HW-Lit. Elements #1-25

Wednesday     Go over #1-25, Review Plot Chart, HW Lit Elm #26-53           

Thursday         Go over Lit Elm. #26-53 Read Hearts and Hands, HW #1-8

Friday             Go Over H.&H. #1-8, Plot Chart, HW Study Literary Elements for Tuesday

Monday         Finish Plot Chart on H&H, Word Search and Crossword, HW Lit Quiz

Tuesday               Lit. Elements QUIZ, Read The Monkey’s Paw, Hw #1-7

Wednesday          Quiz-- The Monkey’s Paw, go over #1-7 & Plot Chart, HW- catch up!           

Thursday              Finish The Monkey’s Paw plot Chart, Read Luck, Hw #1-9

Friday                  Go over Luck #1-9 and Plot chart, No HW!!


Monday               Voc/Sp #1 & parts of speech, Read By the Waters of Babylon, Hw #1-9

Tuesday               By the Waters of Babylon #1-9, Plot Chart, Hw crossword/word search

Wednesday            Collect puzzles, Read The Masque of the Red Death, HW #1-10 & Study           

 Thursday              Go over MRD #1-10 and Plot chart, HW Voc/Sp/Parts of speech Quiz

Friday                  Voc/sp/parts of speech Quiz, Open Window, Hw #1-9


Monday               Go over Open Window #1-9 and Plot Chart, No HW!!!

Tuesday               Read Shaving, Hw #1-10

Wednesday          Go over Shaving #1-10 and Plot Chart, HW Complete Packet “Blanks”       

Thursday              Review for Short Story Unit Test (Class and HW)

Friday                  *** Collect Packets and Literary Elements and Short Story Unit Test



Monday               Comparative Essay (Class and Homework)

Tuesday               Comparative Essay (Class and Homework)

Wednesday            Comparative Essay (Class and Homework)

Thursday              Comparative Essay (Class and Homework)

Friday                  Comparative Essay DUE TODAY!!!