District Forms
 Form Description
Auditorium Use Request

 Request to use auditorium: submit to Mrs. Fox in HS Office
Bus Request

 Request for bus transportation of students
Early Leave Permission

 Request by teacher for early leave permission
Work Order Request

 Request by staff for work to be done by Buildings & Grounds staff
Dance Permits

 Notifies the Office of future dances
Announcements Form

Direct Deposit

 Starts/stops Direct Deposit
Salary Reduction Agreement

 Reduction Form for 403(B)(1) and 403(B)(7) tax sheltered  annuities
Administrators Leave Request Form

 Administrator request for leave or excuse for absence
Excuse for absence from Work Form

 Excuse from Work Form - Medical, Dental, Bereavement
Personal Leave Request Form

 Request for Personal Leave
W-4 Federal Withholding Form

 Employee Federal Tax Withholding
IT-2104 NYS Withholding Form

 Employee NYS Tax Withholding Allowance
Dependent Child Verification Form

 A dependent child is defined as a child of an eligible employee
Internet Safety Policy - AUP Staff

 Form for staff access to network
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement 

 To be filled out by all District Volunteers
Child Care Transportation Form

 Request for alternate transportation
BOCES Printshop - Job Print Request Form

 Submit a print job to the BOCES Printshop - fill out and  have building principal sign
Purchase Order Template

 Template for submitting Purchae Orders to Business Office
2017-2018 Insurance Enrollment Packet
  - Enrollee Guide to Online Benefit Verification
NY 44 Site/Enrollment

 2016-2017 Insurance Enrollment Packet
  - Enrollment Form
  - Dependents Over the Age of 26 Form
  - Health Insurance Buyout Form
  - Health Insurance Waiver Form
  - Other Insurance Form - Coordination of Benefits


Insurance forms for 2016-2017 School Year
 Insurance Related Forms:
 - Mail Order Prescription Form
 - Flexible Medical/Dental/Daycare Claim Form
 - AHR Flex Enrollment Form
 - HSA Claim Form
 - Gym Membership Reimbursement Form
 - NY44 Physical Exam Reward Form
Prescription Forms

Reimbursement forms for 2016-2017

 (You can also login to ahr.net to submit claims online.)