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Mrs. Finnegan 

2nd Grade

SAT Preparation :

Regents Review Sites: Review, Practice Tests, Resources 

Waving American flag
Advanced Placement:  American History

Online Glossary:  The American Nation (Garraty)

AP History textbook:  Nation of Nations

The People's Vote -- The People Have Voted.  See the Results!  

100 Documents that Shaped America
 Art & C.L.A.S.S.  Projects 

C.L.A.S.S. I

          Prehistoric Art Project






"American Visions: The Promised Land"

Christmas in the 19th Century

1930's Collage

        King Arthur

        Pre-Columbian Indian Tribes

Custer & the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Victorian Santa  A Victorian Christmas  

     Picture above, courtesy of Victorian Santa Gallery,       



Economics  Projects 


       Classified Advertising



StocksQuest Logo

  English  Projects 




Queen Elizabeth - the Elizabethan Era

Queen Elizabeth - the Elizabethan Era

  Elizabethan England

               Mrs. Ruddy      English 8 



Masque of the Red Death

                     Mrs. Hosmer - English 9    (6/09)



The Poetry Project     (04/09)


 JobZone - English 11 - Mr. Zagrobelny  (05/09)


Elizabethan England       English 8, Mrs. Ruddy   (02/09)         


Pop Lit Extra Readings (to accompany The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown)


6th Grade Local History : New York State


Fairy Tales    (November 2005)


Legends of King ArthurKnights of the Round Table



Poetry    (Grade 11 English, January 2003)

                    (Grade 10 English, Jan/Feb 2003)


April is Poetry Month

    Foreign Language Projects


Spanish Regents Review


  Mi Vida Loca    Sra. Brouwer test  (Winter 2010)





Grade 8 French   (October 2002)

  Move Yourself to Paris

         Metro  Rail   Bus


José MartíJosé Martí  & Pete Seeger  

                                                          Sra. Chichester -- Spanish 4    October 2005


  Government Projects 


Government-12 US Congress


Corruption in Congress  (September)  Government 12 (Mrs. Burwell)  

Government:  Fairy Tale Analysis  (Oct-Nov 2002)



United States Political Parties


Government 12:  Lizzie Borden Webquest  Lizzie Borden  (December 2002)




Students' Rights  (November 2003)


  Health Projects 


My Health Career  My Health Career  (Nov 2003)


   Home & Careers Projects 



  Guidance 2010


 Career Research         Home & Careers, Mrs. McCall  (2/09)Help Wanted:  Career News







Babysitter Websites

    Home & Careers, Mrs. McCall


Home and Careers : workers

        KidsDomain:  Learn to type online


 Music Projects 


Musical Instruments  Picasso Musicians   





                        Music 7   Mrs. Burnett



Musical Theater


           Music 7  Mrs. Burnett




fireHalloween Poetry  7th Grade Music 

                         Halloween divider    (October 2003)



    Guitar Class - Sites for Tabs and Chords    

 Physical Education Projects 




St. Lawrence Health Initiative 

                 Phys Ed classes

  Reading Projects 


  6th Grade Reading:  The Holocaust : © Alan Jacobs, 1996 © Alan Jacobs, 1996

 6th Grade Reading:  Witch of Blackbird Pond : Salemn graveyard


5th Grade ProjectHolidays on the Net

Black History MonthCelebrating Black History Month


  Science Projects 



Bitesize logo





      Science 6   Ms. Flack    

Earth Science: States, Rivers, Lakes Tutorial/Games

     National Parks

            Earth Science


Earth Science  Ms. Bresett



       Burrowing Owls

         Mrs. Young 

Archaeoastronomy Bookshelf


BIOMES Around the World

            Science 7 - Mrs. Young



Volcano Poster Project

   Science 7 - Mrs. Young   











     Science 7          Mrs. Young  (February 2010



Bird Identification Project

                                     Science 7,  Mrs. Young  (May 2009)

Burrowing Owls

         Mrs. Young  (March 2009)


Element Trading Cards Project

                  Science 8, Mrs. Young  (March 2010)



   Animal Adaptations  

                   Science8  Mrs. McCall   (November 2008)

Natural Disasters   (Morristown, May 2007)

Animal Adaptations  (Mrs. McCall, October 2006)

5th Grade Science:  Solar System:  Planets and Constellationsplanet

6th Grade Science:  Animal Migrationbutterfly

6th Grade Science:   Weather        Red sky

                                                Red sky at night, shepherd's delight
                                                    Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning!

7th Grade Science: Endangered Species     USFWS logo  (Oct-Nov 2002)


 7th Grade Science: VIRUS RESEARCH SITES - Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses


8th Grade Science: Human Biology Project    Human body


Grade 8 Science  (October 2002):  

             Adopt an Element..
electric divider


Environmental Science:  World Biomes    World Biome Map     

(October 2002)                     Mrs. McCall  (January 2003)



      Mass     Science 8, Mrs. McCall



Genes and Disease                                                                  7th Grade Science  (November 2003)



World Biomes    World Biome Map     Environmental Science  (November 2003)





CIRCULATORY WEBQUEST  Biology (November 2003)



Earth Science

Sunspot Analysis  (November 2002)


  Human Reproduction - Created by: Liz Rogers & Shannon Mayette



   Social Studies Projects 


        Family History    Social 8, Mr. Richards  December 2011



        Global Review:      Word List and Questions


50 Maps, flags, state symbols, melody & words to state songs  


Ancient Civilizations Cyberhunt 

              Social 9 - Miss Dewey


Adopt a Country project  Grade 6 Social Studies (October 2003)

                       Countries of the World    (September 2002)

                        African Masks  African mask

Ancient Egypt    Pharaoh

                                                                Guardian's Egypt- Copyright © 1995-2001 Andrew Bayuk All Rights Reserved

Ancient Greece  Parthenon


Coat of Arms PROJECT    

Middle Ages crossed-sword and shield icon

              Rome PowerPoint Presentation

Grade 9 - Timeline:  (Africa, Asia, Latin America)



Grade 9 Dictionaries:    Midterm Review

                                    Final Exam Review


Grade 10:  Cold War:  "We Didn't Start the Fire" 

                                        a PowerPoint created by Shelly Maine



11th Grade Social Studies   Lewis & Clark    Lewis & Clark 


Grade 11 Social Studies

Into the UnknownAn interactive story written by PBS Online and based on the Lewis and Clark expedition  (September 2002)


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