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An Introduction to Internet Searching for Teachers: 
Steve Janover's Training Page
Arranged by subject and by grade level, this is an impressive list of web pages

Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators 
Subject guide to web pages, plus lesson plans and "teacher helpers"


Information Fluency Continuum
Library Benchmark Skills

Cable in the Classroom  -  Educational Television


Welcome to the
Madrid-Waddington School Library

 Resources for Teachers

@ your library:  ALA Campaign

BOCES Video Library - Media Booking System

NYSED Core Central Texts K-5

Core Standards Text Links

Proposed Texts for Common Core


Enchanted Learning St. Lawrence County Historical Society Quarterly Newsletter Index by Title and/or Subject  

Search sites for Teachers
(Ask librarian for user id and password)

MarcoPolo logo

  Marco Polo – Standards based, Internet content

 for the K-12 teacher and classroom, plus teacher   

 training online

The Gateway to Educational Materials   GEM 

    GEM    "Gateway to Educational Materials": 

 Lesson plans, curriculum units and other 

  educational resources on the Internet

C.E.R.F.™ Curriculum & Education Resource Finder

  CERF -"Curriculum & Education Resource 

 Finder":   Search for safe,  K-12 URL’s, selected by

 teachers, arranged by subject area


New York State Curriculum Resource guide

New York State Curriculum Resource Guides

Draft framework, curriculum guide, Learning Standards and sample exams for:  The Arts; English Language Arts;  Languages Other Than English; Mathematics, Science, and Technology; Physical Education; Social Studies; Middle School   (most files are in .pdf  format)

Search Ask Eric

The ERIC database (Educational Resources Information Center)  is the world's largest source of education information, and contains abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice.

ERIC Logo Department of Education's  premier database of journal and non-journal education literature.

Lesson plans (over 2000) and links to online education information,

   T E L E V I S I O N  

Video-on Demand -- a service offered by WPBS to complement their Instructional Television programs.  Instant access to more than 1500 ITV programs and 15,000 video clips.


Internet sites of interest for Teachers





Teachers' Resource Kit -- Created by Carson-Newman College education students, collections of websites for all subjects and many popular teaching units.


WebQuest Page -- collections of webquests on a variety of subjects


Lesson Plan Central -- free lesson plans, webquests, clipart, worksheets, rubrics...


FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence


TeAch-Nology:  "The Best on the Web for Teachers"


High School Hub:  Online Learning ActivitiesSubject guides, reference collections, homework help


Encyclopedia of Days – Special events for every day and month of the year


Earth Calendar -- Also includes weekly and monthly themes for celebration


Brief biographies of famous people and characters.  Each biography includes vital stats and "four good links" to other websites.


InfoSearcher -- Guide for teacher who want to integrate technology into their curriculum.  Includes guided tours of the Web, software, resources and web-based tools to support inquiry learning 

ResPool - Take Your Research Deeper   ResPool - A free reference and research network established
for researchers, information specialists and others interested in discovering and/or sharing potentially useful and informative resources on the Internet. 

New York State Curriculum Resource Guides - Draft framework, curriculum guide,  Learning Standards and sample exams  for:   The Arts; English Language Arts;  Languages Other Than English; Mathematics, Science, and Technology; Physical Education; Social Studies; Middle School   (most files are in .pdf  format)

BBC Online Search the web for approved sites evaluated by BBC's subject specialists 


History Game   Review religions with this game


Regents Review Live!

Oswego City School District:  Regents Exam Prep Center

Some Favorite Reference Sites:


Puzzle Maker sites:

Teach-nology Crossword Puzzle Maker

Discovery School PuzzleMaker - Wordsearch, Crosswords & Math puzzles

All Subject Areas:          

The Timeline Index - Interactive timeline:  People, Periods, Places and Events

National Geographic Magazines index

National Geographic Expeditions - World/Continent/Country maps made for printing & copying

Merriam-Webster Online:  The Language Center - Dictionary, Thesaurus, word games, word of the day, word of the wise.

Re: Quest dot Net - Online library of annotated links, arranged by subject.

Virtual LRC - Arranged by subject area, this site provides links and facilitates searching.  Click "Home" to search.



Brief biographies of famous people and characters.  Each biography    

 includes vital stats and "four good links" to other websites.


statistical information about New York State and its people for the use
of government officials, businesses, academics, the media, and
interested citizens.  Available online on the Rockefeller Institute's New York State Statistics website.


Free Educational Websites from the Federal Government -- Search by keyword for websites in the following subjects:  arts, educational technology, foreign language, health & safety, language arts, mathematics, physical education, science, social studies and vocational education.

Gale Group's Free Resources -- Includes sites for poetry and literary resources, and Hispanic Heritage, Women's History Month and Black History Month.  Also includes a Literary Index and Glossary of Literary terms.

The Quotations Homepage -- Excellent site for browsing.  Quotations are grouped  into collections and can be searched by topic and/or author.

Bartlett's Quotations - Search by keyword or author, passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature.

Classroom Clipart - Categories cover many subject areas (countries, historical periods, plants, dinosaurs, etc.), and are free for use in educational projects and school webpages.

Includes information on 50 states (map, flag, state symbols - even a recording & word to the state song: 


Literature Timeline - 800 BC - Post Moderism

Recommended Literature:  Kindergarten through Grade Twelve -- Annotated list created by the California Department of Education, searchable by author, title, subject, keyword, genre, culture, curriculum connection. Updated annually.

A Dictionary of Haiku -- Classified by Season Words with Traditional and Modern Methods, by Jane Reichhold.

OWL --  Online Writing  Lab  from Purdue University

Academy of American Poets - the Academy maintains one of the
liveliest and most comprehensive poetry sites on the Internet, promotes contemporary poetry, hosts collected poetry and bios of American poets.

Bibliography format:  

Using MLA Style- from the Purdue Online Writing Center

Using APA Style-from Cambridge University

Maps on the Internet:

    (Go to Maps page to see details of each collection)


        Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection  (University of Texas) 

        Xpeditions Atlas  (National Geographic)

        Outline Maps (Houghton Mifflin) 

        World Factbook Reference Maps  (US CIA) 

        World Factbook Country Maps  (CIA) 

        Blank State Outline Maps  (Weber Publications)

        TerraServer USA   (Microsoft Corp. sponsored by USGS)  



ScienceMaster - each major science category (Space, Earth, Life, Physical, Technology) has its own page of information, news, links, pictures, products and services.

Social Studies:

History:  References and Resources - I've never seen a more complete list of sites.  Check out History of ....  for weird and wacky histories.

18th Century History -- A timeline and references and resources covering every   aspect of the 18th Century.    Related site:  The American Revolution

Canku Ota (Many Paths) -- An online newsletter celebrating Native America

History - America -- Very comprehensive list of internet sites related to all periods of American history.  All sites have been reviewed as having value to the K-12 community.


-- This non-profit organization is "dedicated to promoting e-Government initiatives and interconnectivity between the federal, state and local levels of government"


National Geographic Expeditions - World/Continent/Country maps made for printing & copying

Parenting Information:

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety -- Publication of the FBI

Facts for Families - concise and up-to-date information on issues that affect children, teenagers, and their families, selected by the AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry).


Laura Ingalls Wilder Websites: (compiled by Jane Subramanian 6/3/02) - This site has been created by William Anderson and Leslie A. Kelly, photographer.  Among other things, it includes direct links to all the homesites, as well as a link to a "wilder site in Japanese! - This site, called The Definitive Laura Ingalls Wilder Pages, contains many resources available, including biographies, critical works, a number of newer works for children, teaching resources, and interviews.  It provides direct links to for ordering as well.  It also includes suggestions for activities. - Includes several different items.  One of the webmasters is in England - research on Wilder spans many countries. - This is the website of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, where much primary material related to Wilder is held.  See especially the links for Just for Kids, For Educators and Research. - The website of the Almanzo Wilder farm.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Email Listserv Discussion Group:    To subscribe to this discussion group, send an email message to: with the following message content:  subscribe liw  your name