Reopening Plan & Feedback/COVID Clinic Survey

It looks as though we will be starting another school year with enhanced health and safety protocols as a result of the continued COVID development.  Our focus this year is returning to normal in as many ways as can be possibly allotted under the current CDC guidelines.  As such our reopening committee has reworked our plan with a large emphasis on returning to our traditional routines. 

We are asking that all stakeholders review our draft plan posted to the home page of our district website and then provide any feedback using the google form also posted on the home page.

We are very excited to have all students back in-person this year and are confident in our ability to provide a comfortable learning environment.  

While we are focused on our customary practices we will begin the school year as a fully masked building while indoors.  We will continue to encourage as many outdoor learning activities as possible where masks will not need to be worn and will be asking teachers to offer mask breaks at their discretion.  When school ended last year many of us were hopeful that we would be seeing full faces upon our September return, however given the current CDC guidance and increase in daily COVID cases in our region we believe that the wearing of masks will be crucial to safeguard our students and our ability to provide the remainder of our conventional school experience.  An additional benefit worth noting is public health will exercise a very limited contact tracing for Districts that are fully masked which will help keep students in school.

The necessity of full masking will be continuously evaluated based on CDC and SLCDPH guidance.  

There are many highlights in the plan but a few are worth mentioning more than once so the following are some of the key elements:

  • Meals will once again be free for all students.

  • We will follow the normal day and period schedule.

  • Students will return to eating in the cafeteria.

  • We will be scheduling full band and choral groups.

  • Visitors will be welcome in the building for events and contests.

  • Lockers will be assigned to students.

  • Jr./Sr. High students will have the availability of 10th period.

  • We will be offering after school programming for our elementary students.

Thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation and any feedback on our plan.  We look forward to seeing our students back in a couple of weeks.

Here is the current draft of the Reopening Plan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-yZYLiwhPqmdMidx2gW5yjEKf9eJHf7nOfeESQg4wss/edit?usp=sharing 

Please provide feedback on the Reopening Plan, as well as answering questions about the desire for another COVID Clinic for students at the School: https://forms.gle/aZknx6fcrMfsEFfQ6 

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