Readiness Questionnaire

Readiness Questionnaire

MWCS Fitness Center

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

 PAR-Q is designed to help you help yourself.  Many health benefits are associated with regular exercise, and the completion of PAR-Q is a sensible first step to take if you are planning to increase the amount of physical activity in your life.

For most people, physical activity should not pose any problems or hazard. PAR-Q has been designed to identify the small number of adults for whom physical activity might be inappropriate or those who should have medical advise concerning the type of activity most suitable for them.

Common sense is your best guide in answering these few questions.  Please read the carefully and check YES or NO opposite the question if it applies to you.  If yes, please explain.

YES      NO

____     ____    1. Has your doctor ever said you have heart trouble?


____     ____    2. Do you frequently have pains in your heart and chest?


____     ____    3. Do you often feel pain or have spells of severe dizziness?


____     ____    4. Do you have high blood pressure that has not been treated or is not under control?


____     ____    5. Has your doctor ever told you that you have a bone or joint problem(s), such as arthritis that has been aggravated by exercise,  or might be made worse with exercise?


____     ____    6. Is there a good physical reason, not mentioned here, why you should not follow an activity program even if you wanted to?


____     ____     7. Are you over age 60 and not accustomed to vigorous exercise?


____     ____     8. Do you suffer from any problems of the lower back, i.e., chronic pain, or numbness?


If you answered NO to all questions above, it gives a general indication that you may participate in physical and aerobic fitness activities and/or fitness evaluation testing.  The fact that you answered NO to the above questions is no guarantee that you will have a normal response to exercise. 

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then you will need written permission from a physician before participating in the MWCS Fitness Center.  You can click here for the medical release form.

NOTE:    1)    This questionnaire applies only to those participants who are not MWCS students.

2)       If you have a temporary illness, such as a fever, or are not feeling well, you may wish to postpone the proposed activity.

3)       If you are pregnant, you are advised to consult with your physician before exercising.

4)       If there are any changes in your status relative to the above questions, please bring this information to the immediate attention of the your Fitness Center Supervisor.

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