Fitness Center

Public Hours

Fitness Center hours
 Monday - Friday:
5:00 - 8:00 PM


Who Can Use the Fitness Center?
The MWCS Fitness center may be used at no charge during Public Hours by MWCS participants. Those who meet the criteria listed below are considered MWCS participants:
  • Students in grades 9-12
  • Students in grades 6, 7 & 8 who are accompanied by an adult.
  • MWCS teacher and non-teaching employees and their families.
  • Retired employees of the district.
  • MWCS district residents.
  • -Only students grades 6 or above may be in the Fitness Center. Participants may not bring younger children to the Fitness Center or bring children to the school unless they are in a supervised activity such as Biddy Basketball or karate lessons.

  • guest is someone who does not meet the above criteria. 
  • Guests may use The Fitness Center under the following rules:
  • Prior to using the Center, they must complete the Fitness Facilities Release 
  • Form and the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. 
  • Guests must have their Initiation Workout in which the supervisory staff trains them on the proper use of the Fitness Center equipment. 
  • Guests must be accompanied by the MWCS participant for all of their visits.
Times for the Fitness Center
Students, MWCS participants, and guests are not allowed in the Fitness Center without supervision of a Fitness Center Supervisor. Staff and faculty may use the Fitness Center without supervision but they may not workout alone. They may not supervise any students, MWCS participants, or guests unless they have CPR and AED certification. 

Supervisors will be available for Community Hours  Monday-Friday 5-8 PM
  1.  If there is a school closure for any reason, the fitness center will also be closed.
  2.  Closures can occur due to unforeseen circumstances and announcements will occur based on closures. 
  3.  All open days will be shown on the Calendar posted on the school website.
Fitness Center Mandatory Wear
  1. Appropriate athletic clothing must be worn at all times in order to maintain the safety of individuals, as well as the maintenance of machines and equipment.
  2. A CHANGE of shoes for the fitness center is MANDATORY. If you do not change your shoes on the way in, you will be given a warning. If this is a continual problem, you will be asked to leave. 
Fitness Center Forms
  1. All participants, other than students, must complete a Fitness Facilities Release Form at the Fitness Center 
  2. All participants, other than students, must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to using the facility. If an individual responds “yes” to any of the questions on the PAR-Q, they will be required to obtain their physician’s approval. The Medical Release form must be completed and signed by their doctor before they may use the facility. 
Music in the Fitness Center
  1. Because this is a school facility, all music must be appropriate for the surrounding members.
  2. No music with extreme profanity, racial slurs, or excessive promotion of drugs or alcohol.
    Note: This is referring to music played over the speakers ONLY.
Covered Community Hours Activities
The following are the only activities available during community hours. You may not partake in any of the following activities while supervising staff is unavailable
  1. Full access to the fitness center and all machines located within the facility.
  2. Walking the halls for exercise 
Failure to Follow Any of the Above Rules
Do not ruin this privilege for other members of the community.
  1. Upon first offense you will be issued a warning.
  2. Multiple offenses will cause a ban of the fitness center, and you will be asked to leave the facility.
Contact Information
If you have any concerns, please talk to a supervisor or email me at [email protected]

Links and Policies

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Medical release form
(Mandatory form before using the Fitness Center)

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