New Bus Lineup

In an effort to simplify the naming of bus routes we will be going to a straightforward 1-9 routing system. Beginning January 7th, the bus numbers will be changing to a single digit number. The actual bus and driver will remain the same, however, there will be a magnetic single digit number adhered to the side of the bus to make it easier for the students to find their bus. The magnetic numbers allow for easy installation and removal so we will be able to keep the same bus number in the event we have to use a different bus for a route on any given day. There is no change in pick-up or drop-off time and for the elementary students, the bus order at departure time will remain the same. For elementary and high school departure the buses will be lined up in numerical order 1-9. The following is the route transition and order for the High School and the Elementary. Any questions please contact the district transportation office.

#1 - Mrs. Tracy McComber (Was Bus 118)
#2 - Ms. Lisa Barkley (Was Bus 122)
#3 - Mrs. Cheryl Jensen-Merrick (Was Bus 121)
#4 - Mr. Dan Rutherford (Was Bus #124)
#5 - Mr. Paul Perry (Was Bus #115)
#6 - Mrs. Suzanne Hutt (Was Bus #120)
#7 - Mr. Garnet Beckstead (Was Bus #117)
#8 - Mr. Gary Middlemiss (Was Bus 116)
#9 - Mrs. Nora Curley (Was Bus 123)

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