New Location for Nurse's Office

Mrs. Murphy’s nurse’s office has been relocated to a room just around the corner from the elementary office. The new space offers more privacy for students and has a shower and laundry facility. Parents who need to report to the nurse’s office to pick up an ill child will still enter through the elementary office and be directed to the right as the nurse’s office is just up the ramp headed toward the high school wing. This move has also created a space in the elementary office suite for our new elementary counselor, Mrs. Hayes. Other relocations as a result of this move are Ms. Buffy Gabri is now next door to her old room in what was the faculty room, Mrs. Jaquith is located off the high school library in what was the DL room, and Mrs. Diana Cryderman’s office is now a part of the guidance suite. Mr. Daley will be taking all elementary students to the new nurse’s office on Monday to familiarize them with the location.

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